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Women portraits are my passion, I love to tell stories in pictures, eyes don’t lie. My work is intended to capture the expression of the feminine essence in its higher version, that which looks for relating from the common ground beyond social beliefs and stereotypes, without distinguishing race, religion and backgrounds.


I look to honor femininity by reflecting its force and power in its capacity for higher understanding, pacific relationships, collaboration, intuition, flexibility, compassion, universal love and nurturing life.  


Utilizing the esthetics and the inclusiveness of urban art, I work with different qualities of paper in the portraits and mix media backgrounds.   I choose the portraits based on the emotion unveiled in the expression of the eyes of the model.  From there on, the creative process reveals itself, it gains a life on its own.


I find inspiration in different artists such as Klimt, Vik Muniz, Chuck Close and also, Japanese Art.


I invite people to connect with their deepest emotions through my work and have their own journey relating with them. 


I invite women to embrace their own unique beauty, their gifts and flaws, to reflect their souls, which, in turn, makes them beautiful, not because of perfect features and figure but because their eyes reflect the state of their heart.


I call my work “Women of the World” because every woman in the world has a story to share and a story to listen. 

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